SANS & USANS study on the structures of pore walls of porous materials

SANS & USANS study on the structures of pore walls of porous materials
Porous Materials; Pore wall; Small angle Neutron scattering; Ultra small angle neutron scattering; SANS; USANS; porous TiO2
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5th International Symposium on Practical Surface Analysis (PSA-10)
Small angle and ultra small angle neutron scattering (SANS and USANS) techniques are useful for studying the physical structure and morphology from nanometer to micrometer. Especially, the interface structure can be investigated using the small angle scattering technique. "A material system consisting of more than one phase with different densities has a contact surface along the interface boundary" [1]. The interface boundary exists in any two phase systems; phase-separated blends, filler-matrix in composites, pore wall in porous materials, mixtures of particles and liquid, proton conducting channel in polyelectrolyte fuel cell membrane, semi-crystalline system consisting of amorphous and crystalline phase, vapor adsorbed interface, and so on. The interfacial region can be characterized in three ways using the small angle scattering: sharp interface, diffused interface, and fractals. In this presentation, our previous SANS and USANS study [2] on the bi-continuous porous glass, Vycor, showing the fractal surface, will be introduced. In addition, the preliminary characterization on the pore wall of the porous TiO2 prepared with an anodization process [3] using the SANS will be presented. The scattering from the pore wall of TiO2 showed a negative deviation from Porod's law, which indicates that the interface is not sharp but diffused. The thickness of the interface and the surface-to-volume ratio are estimated from the modified Porod's law using the linear and semi-gradient model [1]. The SANS and USANS contrast matching technique for estimating the mass density is briefly introduced.
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