Water-absorbing porous structure with superhydrophilic nature

Water-absorbing porous structure with superhydrophilic nature
Micro&Nano-structure; Hydrophilic; Wicking; Superhydrophilic; Non-woven fabric; Capillarity
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International Symposium on Nature Inspired Technology(ISNIT2010)
Supply of water is inevitable for the survival of animals and plants. It makes water transportation to desired part inside creature as crucial problem. Capillary action is one of main ways to control water inside or on the surface of creature. For example, plant roots can pull water up among soil by capillary wicking and lower plants like mosses, liverworts and lichens with no roots and no vascular system can distribute water uniformly on their own body by superhydrophilic surface. In industry, there are also many requirements for good water transportation system like micro- and nano-channels, ink-jet printing, painting, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning). Especially, maintaining uniformly thin flows on wide surface for liquid desiccant dehumidifier among HVAC is a crucial problem to enhance efficiency by increasing heat/mass transfer area. Here, we introduce a superhydrophilic porous surface using PET(polyethylene terephthalate) non-woven fabric to provide great water absorbing performance by enhanced capillary action. Our superhydrophilic fabric can absorb water up like the root of the plant and spread water quickly and uniformly like the surface of lower plants. Moreover, great capillary performance of our superhydrophilic fabric makes flows not affected by gravitational direction even on the vertically placed surface.
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