Superhydrophilic thin film on fabric structure

Superhydrophilic thin film on fabric structure
Micro&nano-structure; hydrophilic; fabric
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10th APCPST & 23rd SPAM
Hydrophilic property of superhydrophilic thin film on microstructure, especially fabric structure, was studied on an oxygen plasma treated non-woven fabric structure. Although the superhydrophilic surface maximize wetting ability on the flat surface, there remains a requirement for the more wettable surface for various applications such as air-filters or liquid-filters. Superhydrophilic fabric, due to its microstructure to wick liquids, is known as a material making complete wetting with the zero water-contact angle. In this research we first fabricated superhydrophilic fabric structure by using a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) non-woven fabric (NWF) coated with a nanostructured films of the Si-incorporated diamond-like carbon (Si-DLC)followed by oxygen plasma treatment in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition(PECVD) system. The Si-DLC with oxygen plasma etching becomes a superhydrophilic and the Si-DLC coating have several advantages of easy coating procedure at room temperature, strong mechanical performance, and long-lasting property in superhydrophilicity. It was found that the superhydrophobic fiber network shows better wicking ability through micro-pores and enables water to have much faster spreading speed than merely superhydrophilic surface. Here, capillarity on superhydrophilic fabric structure is investigated from the spreading pattern of water flowing on the vertical surface in a gravitational field. As water flows on vertical flat solid surface always fall down in gravitational direction (i. e. gravity dominant flow), while water flows on vertical superhydrophilic fabric surface showed the capillary dominant spreading.
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