High aspect ratio wrinkles by glancing angle deposition of amorphous carbon on soft polymers

High aspect ratio wrinkles by glancing angle deposition of amorphous carbon on soft polymers
아메드노건호이광렬Ashkan Vaziri문명운
wrinkle; tilting; PDMS; ion beam; high aspect ratio; High aspect ratio; Pre-patterning; Optical band gap
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International Symposium on Nature Inspired Technology(ISNIT2010)
Instability of a stiff thin film attached to a compliant substrate often leads to emergence of exquisite wrinkles with length scales that depend on the system geometry and applied stresses. These patterns have vast potential applications including in tissue engineering, flexible electronics and semiconductor industry. However, one of the limiting factors in the usage of these patterns is the low amplitude/wavelength ratio that can be achieved using the current surface engineering techniques. Here, we present an effective method that allows creating wrinkles with an amplitude/wavelength aspect ratio as large as 2.5 on a soft polymer. In this method, first, the surface of a poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) is pre-patterned using Ar ion beam treatment. As a result of Ar ion beam treatment, the wrinkles formed on PDMS having wavelength in the range of 200-1400 nm depending on the ion treatment time. Then, an amorphous carbon film deposited on the pre-patterned polymeric surface using glancing angle deposition (GLAD). We show that the amplitude of the created patterns can be varied between several nm to submicron size by changing the carbon deposition time, allowing us to harness patterned polymeric substrates for a variety of applications. An application of polymeric surfaces, patterned with high aspect ratio wrinkles, was demonstrated for changing the optical band gap, which could have potential use in fabrication of optical devices.
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