Tilting polymeric micropillars by ion beam

Tilting polymeric micropillars by ion beam
문명운차태곤이광렬Ashkan Vaziri김호영
ion beam; tilting; micropillar; biomimetic; gecko; asymmetric adhesion
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International Symposium on Nature Inspired Technology(ISNIT2010)
Asymmetric adhesion is used by many insects and gecko lizards, allowing them to move on nearly any surface – horizontal, tilted or vertical. The foot of many of these creatures is covered by intricate fibrillar structures that are responsible for their superb maneuvering ability. Among these creatures, gecko lizards have one of the most efficient and interesting adhesion devices consisting of finely angled arrays of branched fibers (setae). Here, we developed a method to create tilted Janus (two-face) micropillars on the surface of an elastomeric polymer to mimic the geometry of gecko’s footpad. The method combines soft lithography to create straight micropillars and ion beam irradiation to tilt the straight micropillars in a controlled fashion as shown in Fig. 1. A set of experiments were performed to measure the adhesion and friction characteristics of the fabricated tilted micropillars. Our experiments showed that the friction force along the tilting direction is approximately three times higher than the friction force associated with the sliding against the tilting direction of tilted micropillars due to the difference in the contact area during sliding of a glass ball.
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