Graphene-wrapped conductive nanospheres

Graphene-wrapped conductive nanospheres
graphene; hybrid particle; electroconductivity; ionin interaction; self assembly
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Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
VOL 1259E, NO S14, 201
Monodisperse nanospheres with outstanding electro-conductivity, as an alternative to the conventional metal-plated conductive particles, are demonstrated. These conductive nanospheres are fabricated through simply wrapping of monodisperse polymer nanospheres with highly size and surface-controlled grapheme nanosheet. As well known, graphene, two-dimensional graphite, exhibits remarkable, electronic properties that quantify it for applications in future optoelectronic devices. To date, most of researches concerning the applications of graphene have been poured into the evaluation of natural properties of graphene itself, mass production of well crystalline graphene nanosheets or the two-dimensional device applications, such as transparent conductive films. Recently, our group found that the simple modification of graphene surface without loss of the conductivity can be adapted to fabricate three-dimensional functional materials such as conductive micro/nanospheres, which have been highly requested due to the environmental problems induced by highly toxic chemicals during the metal-plating process. Herein, we present a simple approach for the fabrication of conductive graphene-wrapped nanospheres; the graphene nanosheets from exfoliated graphite oxide, followed by controlled chemical reduction to have functional groups capable of anchoring onto the surface of nanospheres, were mixed with the polymer nanospheres, and the obtained graphene-wrapped nanospheres of 600 nm diameter and ca. 10 nm graphene layer thickness were found to exhibit a high conductivity comparable to that of commercially available gold-coated conductive particles as well as extremely monodisperse distributions in shape and diameter.
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