Valveless micro-pump with dual actuator using screen printed piezoelectric thick films

Valveless micro-pump with dual actuator using screen printed piezoelectric thick films
Valveless; Micro-pump; Dual actuator; Screen printed; Piezoelectric
Issue Date
International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materials and Applications in Actuators
, 22-22
Recently, much attention has been given to the developing of the microfluidic systems based on MEMS technology. micropumps have a large potential for applications in micromechanical analysis systems, such as drug delivery system, micro total analysis and lab on a chip as well as in embedded medical devices. Micropumps have been developed several types such as check valve type, valveless type using difference of flow rate in inlet and outlet, thermo-pneumatic, electro-msmotic etc. The valveless micropump has advantages of a relatively simple structure, suitable structure for miniaturization and avoiding valve blockage by small particles or bubbles in liquids, However, the valveless micropump cannot avoid small amount of backflow. To overcome this drawback, we designed dual actuation micropump can reduce backflow using peristalsis of liquid. The valveless micropump with dual actuator was fabricated by silicon MEMS process and screen printing method. Membrane, inlet, outlet and chamber were produced by general MEMS process. The piezoelectric thick film was formed by screen printing method and then treated by cold isostatic press(CIP) to improve the properties of the thick film. Actuation properties of micropump were characterized for the various operating conditions. The dual actuation micropump showed a controllable and powerful flow rate over that of a noraml single actuation micropump.
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