Exploration of ZnO based transparent conducting oxide by continuous composition spread

Exploration of ZnO based transparent conducting oxide by continuous composition spread
ZnO; transparent conducting oxide; continuous composition spread
Issue Date
6th International Workshop on Combinatorial Materials Science and Technology
, I7-I7
Transparent conducting oxide (TCO) films have been extensively investigated because of their important technological applications such as flat panel displays (FPDs), thin film resistors, gas sensors and solar cells. Specially, indium free TCOs have been much concerned as substituting materials for transparent electrode applications. Of course, indium tin oxides (ITOs) are very attractive materials for transparent electrodes because of their superior properties such as high transmittance and low resistivity, however, they have still some problems such as the cost and scarcity of indium. Hence, TCOs based on wide band-gap semiconductors are currently one of the most intensive research topics. Recently, Impurity doped zinc oxide is a possible alternative to ITO due to its unique electrical and optical properties. Doped zinc oxide has good benefits for application in flat panel displays because of nontoxic, inexpensive and abundant material. The group-III atoms such as B, AI, Ga, and In have been investigated as n-type dopants for ZnO because they can replace thc Zn site in the ZnO crystal and more one free electron is generated. Among them, Al doped ZnO thin films and Ga doped ZnO thin films are widely reseached in this fielld. However, there are many reports about AZO and GZO thin films according to a different doping concentration of Al and Ga. It is a still controversy about optimized Al and Ga doping concentration in ZnO. So, we invetigate full range composition of AZO and GZO thin films to find optimized composition by continuous composition spread (CCS). Continuous composition spread is a thin film growth method of various compositions on a substrate with a binary or ternary composition spreacl. electrical properties of TCO thin films deposited by CCS were measured by using an automatic probe station which can evaluate the critical properties as a function of position.
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