Electrospun metal oxides: appliaciton towards sensors, energy storages and nanoelectronics

Electrospun metal oxides: appliaciton towards sensors, energy storages and nanoelectronics
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Electrospin2010, International Conference on Electrospinning
Recently, much interest has been paid to the development of nano-structured materials and devices designed to achieve increased surface-to-volume ratios and reduced cross sections, thereby offering more effective modulation of the device performance. Among the different strategies for producing such nanostructures, electrospinning offer several advantages including ease of fabrication and versatility. In this presentation, we introduce an electrospinning processing strategy for producing multi-dimensional (1-D, 2-D, and 3-Dimensional) nanostructures for the development of novel integrated electronics, i.e., sensors, high performance energy storages such as supercapacitor and Li ion-battery, and nanoelectronics. Our processing strategy on nanocrystalline TiO2 gas sensors produced by electrospinning demonstrated excellent performance in terms of gas sensitivity, reversibility, and response time. Sensitivity levels as high as 833% (R/R0) were observed upon exposure to 500 ppb of NO2 in air, indicating ability to detect ultra-low gas traces at the sub-ppb level. We also report on the facial synthesis of highly conductive RuO2, RuO2-MnOx and RuO2-SrRuO3 composite nanofiber mats and their potential suitability for application in electrochemical capacitors as an active electrode material. Pseudocapacitors utilizing nanofiber mats calcined at 350 C exhibit a high specific capacitance of 192~800 F/g at a scan rate of 10 mV/s. In particular, the superior capacitance retention (83.4 %) of the RuO2-SrRuO3 nanofiber mats is maintained even at rapid scan rate of 1000 mV/s. Finally, new solution chemistries and modified electrospinning techniques for the development of high-rate Li-ion batteries will be presented.
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