Properties ZnO Thin Films Co-doped with Hydrogen and Fluorine

Properties ZnO Thin Films Co-doped with Hydrogen and Fluorine
Transparent conducting oxide; Hydrogen; Fluorine; Magnetron sputtering
Issue Date
ENGE 2010
, 389-389
ZnO films with different fluorine and hydrogen contents were prepared on Corning glass by radio frequency magnetron sputtering of pure ZnO, ZnO-ZnF2(3 wt.%) and ZnO-ZnF2(10 wt.%) targets in H2/Ar gas mixtures of varying H2 content, and their electrical, optical, and structural properties together with the compositional properties of the as-grown and the vacuum-annealed films were investigated. Small addition of H2 to sputtering gas caused a drastic increase of Hall mobility while carrier concentration increased slightly. With further increasing H2 content, the carrier concentration kept on increasing, but did not go over 2.1 x 1020 cm-3. On the other hand, the Hall mobility stayed at relatively constant level. For films deposited from ZnO-ZnF2(3 wt.%) target gave the highest Hall mobility ranging from 37 to 47 cm2/Vs. All the as-deposited films except for ZnO films without H and F showed average transmittance higher than 85 % in 400 – 1100 nm range, and the average absorption coefficients of most films were lower than 800 cm-1, implying very low absorption loss in these films. The observations that the Hall mobilities of hydrogen incorporated films did not show any dependence on full-width at half maximum values obtained from x-ray diffraction pattern, and that films without H showed increasing Hall mobility with decreasing FWHM led to perception that H were playing an important role in passivating the grain boundaries. Vacuum-annealing at 300 ℃ resulted in substantial reduction of Hall mobility for the films deposited with ZnO and ZnO-ZnF2(3 wt.%) targets in H2 atmosphere while Hall mobility of the films without H increased upon annealing, supporting the passivation effect of H in these films.
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