Analysis of Light Trapping Effects in Si Solar Cells with Textured Surface by Ray-Tracing Simulation

Analysis of Light Trapping Effects in Si Solar Cells with Textured Surface by Ray-Tracing Simulation
Si solar cells; Ray tracing; Texture
Issue Date
ENGE 2010
, 77-77
Various efforts have been devoted to cut down the silicon usage and to increase cell efficiency in Si solar cells. Reducing the front surface reflectance via texturing of Si surface by applying wet chemical etching has been proved to be one of the effective techniques achieving such purpose. Textured Si surface by wet chemical etching is composed of three-dimensional pyramidal feature with random size and distribution which varies with etching variants such as type of etchant, etching time and repetition cycles. Along with the experimental adaptation of surface texturing, theoretical investigations, which are aimed at design of optimal surface structure and/or analysis of light trapping efficiency of textured surface, are also of practical importance. In this study, we report a theoretical investigation of the reflected and the absorbed solar energy of textured Si solar cells, and comparative analysis with the experimental reflectance spectra measured from the wet etched Si wafers. Three-dimensional modeling and ray-tracing techniques were adopted for simulation of textured Si solar cells by quantifying the average size and density of pyramidal units while fixing the total thickness of Si. Unlike most of the previous simulation methods in which the absorbed energy is indirectly obtained through the calculation of the reflected and the transmitted energy, the applied simulation algorithm is based upon a non-sequential ray tracing technique, and the absorbed energy is determined directly by applying Beer’s law at each optical path and then by integrating them. It was shown that the absorbed solar energy was greatly dependent upon the density of pyramidal structure which affected path of rays inside Si rather than the size of unit pyramid.
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