An Efficient Ray Tracing Algorithm for Simulation of Light Trapping Effects in Si Solar Cells with Textured Surface

An Efficient Ray Tracing Algorithm for Simulation of Light Trapping Effects in Si Solar Cells with Textured Surface
Si solar cells; Light trapping; Ray tracing; Texture
Issue Date
ENGE 2010
, 79-79
In order to enhance the light trapping efficiency of Si solar cells, technique of surface texturing on Si surface is widely adopted. The textured surface of Si wafer treated with wet chemical etching exhibit three-dimensional structure with array of typical pyramidal patterns. And the amount of absorbed solar energy is known to be dependent upon the size and density distribution of pyramidal patterns. Numerical modeling and analysis of light absorption in textured solar cells are of general importance for optimizing the cell efficiency. Previous simulation studies utilized either a technique in which the ray intersection is sought and solved for each individual three-dimensional structure after the shape of unit pyramid is analyzed geometrically, or a ray tracing method of using threedimensional texturing technique while assuming periodical disposition of unit structure. Therefore, in these precedent studies, the simulation was possible only when pyramids were disposed in systematical arrays, and the number of rays and system size being analyzed were limited due to linear increase of simulation time when the arrays were disposed in disorderly manner. In this study, proposed is a new ray-tracing algorithm named “Slab-Outline” which carries out the ray tracing simulation of the whole system by forming K-Dimensional Tree of the whole pyramids using the geometric information about the individual pyramid and by summing them with substrate cell. This new algorithm can provide no limitation in structural disposition, and accommodate substantially larger system size and number of rays by realizing time complexity O(log N), thereby leading to a more precise analysis.
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