Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation System using Boundary Element Method

Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation System using Boundary Element Method
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The 6th Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery
Medical simulation is an effective technique which enables medical students or novice surgeons to train their surgical skills in virtual worlds. The medical simulation can provide users with safe and convenient environment in contrast with physical trainings performed with animals or real patients. Among the medical simulation solutions, laparoscopic surgical simulation has been developed, and it has been taken great concerns recently. The laparoscopic surgeries are known to be difficult procedures which require high skills due to narrow vision, weak feeling of contact, and the pivot movement of long surgical instruments unlike the traditional invasive surgery. To implement an efficient simulation system for the laparoscopic surgery, we applied some techniques in computer graphics such as multi-resolution modeling, collision detection, deformable modeling, and so on. To realize a real-time deformation of a liver model, we applied boundary element method (BEM). We also developed a hardware device to manipulate laparoscopic surgical instruments, and we integrated it with the simulation software.
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