Electric field control of spin precession in InAs 2DEG using Rashba effect

Electric field control of spin precession in InAs 2DEG using Rashba effect
장준연구현철엄종화한석희Mark Johnson
nonlocal spin valve; gate control of spin precession; spin orbit interaction; Hanle effect
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55th Annual conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
While many types of spintronic devices have been proposed, the spin injected field effect transistor (FET). [1] a lateral semiconducting channel with two ferromagnetic electrodes, is the iconic device at the cornerstone of research. This device still remains elusive because it is tackled by two difficult issues; one is the good spin injection and detection across ferromagnet electrode / semiconductor and the other is gate control of spin procession by utilizing Rasbba spin-orbit interaction (SOI). In recent years, remarkable progress on electrical injection and detection of spin procession has been accomplished by using an external magnetic field in materials with low spin-orbit interactions such as Si and GaAs [2,3]. On the other hand, only few works have been reported on InAs heterostucture featured by a strong SOI. [4] Like a double edged sword, the SOI provides a useful tool to manipulate spins with electric field rather than magnetic field but it also makes hard spin transport by enhancing spin relaxation. In this research, we demonstrate gate control of spin precession in an InAs quantum well channel with ferromagnetic spin injector and detector [5]. The unique feature of the spin FET is a result of a spin-orbit interaction intrinsic to the channel: monotonically increasing gate voltage induces precession of the injected spins and causes a periodic modulation of source-drain conductance. The electrical injection and detection of ballistic spin polarized electrons are calibrated using conventional lateral spin valve techniques. Shubnikov-de haas (SdH) experiments provide an independent measurement of the dependence of the spin-orbit interaction on gate voltage. An oscillatory channel conductance, as a fuction of monotonically increasing gate voltage, in then observed. Apart from a small phase shift, the measured oscillation is fit to theoryl with no adjustable parameters. The results confirm that electrical fiel
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