Enhancement of Cell Performance by Coating of MIEC materials on Cathode for MCFC

Enhancement of Cell Performance by Coating of MIEC materials on Cathode for MCFC
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2011 International Workshop on Molten Carbonates & Related Topics
Among fuel cells, molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) operated at high temperature (650 oC) has been developed intensively due to its higher elfficiency, no necessity of using expensive noble metal catallysts and variety of fuel selection [1] and enters into initial stage of commercialization. However, the problem of long-term lifetime of MCFC stack to garantee for 40,000hours have to be solved in oreder to compete with prensently other electrocity generation systems. The main casuse why MCFC stacks do not reach 40,000 hours is electrolyte loss induced by the volatilization, corrosion in metallic separators and so on [2]. The most easy and fast method for reducing electrolyte loss is to operate the MCFC stack at low temperature (600~620 ℃) . However, the operation of MCFC at low temperature results in low stack performance mainly due to lowering ionic condcutivity in electrolyte and slowing electrode reaction kinetics [3]. It is well known that the oxygen reduction reaction get slower with lowering operating temperature and the slow cathode reaction lead larger over-potential on cathode which is main reason of low cell performance at low temperature, whereas the hydrogen oxidation reaction on the anode is relatively fast reaction at the low operating temperature. Thus, developement of many alternative materials is required in order to enhance the elecrochemical performance of the cathode in MCFC system for low temperature operation.
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