Ultrafast Fiber Lasers Incorporating Low-Dimensional Carbon-Nanostructures

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers Incorporating Low-Dimensional Carbon-Nanostructures
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한국물리학회 봄 학술논문발표회
VOL IF-04, IF-04-IF-04
With their outstanding advantages such as high nonlinear coefficient, and ultrafast recovery time, carbon-nanostructures have emerged as strong candidates to open the new phase of photonics researches substantiated by future ultrafast pulsed lasers. Even though other nonlinear media have been actively researched to demonstrate novel photonic systems, it is considered that the carbon-based nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphenes still have huge competence against other components with the primary merit, nano-scaled foot print. Thus, it is highly required to expand and enhance their applications in realizing the extremely efficient next-generation photonic systems interdisciplined with the nanomaterials. Quite recently, we demonstrate ultrafast pulse formations enabled by the interaction of light with either graphene or CNTs employing novel schemes to maximize the operation efficiency. Especially, unlike other conventional nanomaterial/light interaction schemes, the evanescent field interaction guarantees (i) excellent stability in high power management with a short length of the nonlinear medium avoiding the peak-power interaction, (ii) high speed operation due to the ultrafast response time of carbon nanostructures, (iii) high nonlinear polarization-dependence of the device, and (iv) all-fiber configuration. Resultant high power pulsed output has been achieved with the intracavity optical power of 21.41 dBm at the center wavelength of 1561.6 nm. Also, at the same spectral window, the ultrafast fiber lasers based on an optically deposited graphene, mechanically exfoliated graphene, and CNTs hosted into a SiO2 matrix at room temperature have been demonstrated, respectively. We believe that the demonstrated schemes pave the way for more elegant and sophisticated future researches on the ‘nanomaterial-enhanced photonic systems.’
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