AZO/Mo P2 Contact Resistance of the Monolithic Integrated CIGS Modules

AZO/Mo P2 Contact Resistance of the Monolithic Integrated CIGS Modules
CIGS; monolithic integration; P2 contact resistance; TLM
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Materials Research Society
Series resistance is critical in degrading cell efficiency in CIGS solar cell, particularly in monolithic-integrated modules. High resistance of front contact electrode (Al-doped ZnO) contributes mostly to the series resistance, while the P2 scribing in the CIGS modules provides additional contact resistance (Rc) between Al-doped ZnO and Mo. Here we suggest the modified transfer line method (TLM) to measure the P2 contact resistance using the regular P1 and P2 patterned CIGS modules. Equally-spaced cells (after P1 and P2 scribing) provide the embedded metal pads (Mo) enabling the measurement of two P2 Rc and lengthdependent TCO resistance. This structure is similar to the conventional TLM, except that the metal pad is placed at a bottom (inverse structure) and multiple metal contacts are included in the measured resistance (eventually turns out negligible). This structure enables measuring the P2 Rc and TCO sheet resistance (Rsh) without making test patterns on CIGS modules. For more accurate measurement, probing contact resistances and Mo sheet resistance should be calibrated from the measured resistance considering the selenized Mo surface and elongated conduction path along the Mo layer. The results show that P2 contact resistance is about 0.05 Ωcm2 and becomes quite large when several tens of patterns are connected in series. Using such an inverse TLM structure in CIGS module, the effects of damp-heat test on P2 Rc will be discussed. In addition, micro-patterned TLM employing the pre-mentioned inverse structure was used to investigate the effect of MoSe2 structure on the contact resistance of AZO/Mo.
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