Single Quantum Dot (QD) manipulation on nanowire using dielectrophoretic (DEP) force

Single Quantum Dot (QD) manipulation on nanowire using dielectrophoretic (DEP) force
Single Photon Source; Quantum Dot; Metal Nanowire; Surface Plasmon Resonance; Nano-particle manipulation; Dielectrophoretic (DEP) force
Issue Date
Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7927 (Photonics west 2011)
VOL 7927, 79270V-1-79270V-6
Au nanowires of 100 nm, 200nm and 400 nm widths with micro scale Au electrode were fabricated as electrodes to apply high electric field gradient for strong DEP force within the nanometer range. Au nanowires were fabricated on a silicon dioxide (SiO2) using lift-off process after e-beam lithography and e-beam evaporation. E-beam resister (ER) was patterned and a 50 nm thick Au layer. Photo resister (PR) was patterned to make Au microelectrode and did lift-off process. The Au nanowires with microelectrode were covered with SiO2 layer deposited with PECVD resulting in 1 um thick. Opened end of gold nanowires, the target surface for QD immobilization, were formed using etching processes. Single QD immobilization on the nanowire end-facet was accomplished through positive DEP force. Sine wave of 8 Vpp intensity and 3 MHz frequency was applied and it induced electric field of 108 V/m intensity and electric field gradient around Au nanowire to make strong positive DEP. Optical analysis confirmed the attachment of single QD on the nanowire. A single 25 nm diameter QD was manipulated on 100 nm, 200 nm and 400 nm width nanowires when 8 Vpp, 3 MHz sine wave was applied.
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