A Legal Study on Establishment of Technology Holding Company by Governmental Institutions

A Legal Study on Establishment of Technology Holding Company by Governmental Institutions
기술지주회사; 신기술창업전문회사; 지식재산관리회사; 기술사업화
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VOL 5, NO 2, 55-80
In recent years, the government has been experiencing economic growth due to its investment in science and technology and entrepreneurial ideals. It has become necessary to aim for technology commercialization of research and development outcomes. The best way to establish a technology holding company and its subsidiaries begins with innovative ideas. A technology holding company utilizes intellectual property and its principle responsibility is to sell a technology as a patent, copyright, or license. Under the current law, government research institutes, except universities and research institutes located in Daedeok Special Research and Development Zone, may not establish a technology holding company. There are two existing Acts regarding technology holding companies. Act 1 is effective until July 2010. (1) THE PROMOTION OF INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION AND ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY COLLABORATION (2) SPECIAL MEASURES FOR THE PROMOTION OF VENTURE BUSINESS All government research institutes may make partial amendments according to THE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT PROMOTION ACT. The National Assembly approved this new Act on April 2010 and takes effect on July 1, 2010. This thesis is a comparative study on individual regulations and a review on Acts from various perspectives with the goal improve the regulation issues regarding technology holding companies. This paper also proposes to enact reasonable and applicable provisions regarding technology holding companies established by a government research institute. Survival in today’s fast-paced business environment requires knowledge of how to conduct technology commercialization. High potential for utilization of a technology, high possibility for its success in the industry, and strong government policy towards its research is what attracts large sums of research grant income.
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