Use of ceramic membrane and red-clay for advanced wastewater treatment

Use of ceramic membrane and red-clay for advanced wastewater treatment
MBR; Ceramic membrane; Red clay; Wastewater treatment; Nutrient removal
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The Ninth IWA Symposium on Off-Flavours in the Aquatic Environment
, 40-40
Recently studies of biological treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus have been carried out actively. Such nutrients can cause eutrophication in lakes and rivers. Moreover Phosphorus discharge standards in Korea were strengthened up to 0.2 mg/L and hard to be achieved by existing biological processes. The purpose of this study is performance evaluation on membrane bioreactor(MBR) for nitrogen and phosphorus removal using the combination of ceramic membrane and red-clay. This process consists of pre-denitrification tank, anaerobic tank, red-clay adsorption tower, intermittent aeration tank 1, intermittent aeration tank 2, filtration tank and effluent tank. The filtration process was carried out using ceramic membrane. Ceramic membrane is much easier to maintain compared to polymer membrane and high flux operation is possible. In the anaerobic tank, phosphate was released from the cell of bio-P bacteria and removed by red-clay successively. Remaining phosphate was absorbed by bio-P bacteria in the aeration tank and wasted. Pre-denitrification tank, anaerobic tank, intermittent aeration tank 1, 2 were used for nitrification and denitrification. To maintain high flux in ceramic membrane, cycles for the filtration and backwashing was determined as 9 min 30 sec and 30 sec respectively. Consequently, phosphorus removal efficiency was 86% (5% increased compared to previous one without red-clay adsorption tower). Nitrogen removal efficiency was 87%, suspended solids could be almost totally removed through ceramic membrane. Foulings on surface of the ceramic membrane could be removed by periodic backwashing. when compared to the non-backwashing filtration, the flux was increased by 50%.
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