Research Activities on PIII&D Technology at KIST

Research Activities on PIII&D Technology at KIST
plasma immersion ion implantation; plasma; HiPIMS; non-gaseous ion implantation; surface modification
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PIII&D technology combined with thin film deposition tool such as magnetron sputtering, is a very promising surface modification technology to improve materials surface properties. In PIII&D, the deposited thin films can be simultaneously modified by high energy ion bombardment during deposition to improve the film properties. A new plasma process, i.e., the combination of PIII&D and HiPIMS, was devel-oped to implant non-gaseous elements into materials surface. HiPIMS is a special mode of operation of DC magnetron sputtering, in which high pulsed DC power ex-ceeding ∼200 W/cm2 of its peak power density is applied to the magnetron sputter-ing target while the average power density remains manageable to the cooling capacity of the equipment by using a very small duty ratio of operation. Due to the high peak power density applied the sputtering target, a large fraction of sputtered atoms is ionized. If the negative high voltage pulse applied to the sample stage in PIII&D system is synchronized with the pulsed plasma of sputtered target material by HiPIMS operation, the ion implantation of non-gaseous ions can be successfully ac-complished. The new process has great advantage that thin film deposition and non-gaseous ion implantation along with film modification can be achieved in a single plasma chamber. Even broader application areas of PIII&D technology are believed to be envisaged by this newly developed process. In one application of non-gaseous plasma immersion ion implantation, Ge ions were implanted into SiO2 thin film at 60 keV to form Ge quantum dots embedded in SiO2 dielectric material. The crystalline Ge quantum dots were shown to be 5~10 nm in size and well dispersed in SiO2 matrix. In another application, Ag ions were implanted into SS-304 substrate to endow the anti-microbial property of the surface.
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