Effect of crude glycerol from Bio-diesel manufacturing process on biofilm formation

Effect of crude glycerol from Bio-diesel manufacturing process on biofilm formation
Biofilm; Biodiesel; crude glycerol
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Biodiesel is one of alternative fuels. The biodiesel consists of mono-alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids derived from renewable biological sources such as vegetable oils and animal fat through transesterification. Used oils contain high contents of free fatty acids (FFA). FFAs easily form soaps with alkaline catalyst and they prevent the separation between a fatty acid methyl ester and glycerol, a byproducts of transesterification. Therefore, the removal of FFAs is needed before biodiesel production. Thus in this step, FFAs might be gained. Moreover, even after transesterfication, FFAs are still found in crude glycerol. This study focused on the reuse of these wasted free fatty acids. It is reported that various saturated and unsaturated fatty acids inhibit microbial growth, prevent initial attachment of bacteria onto surfaces, and finally hamper biofilm formation. Here, the effect of FFAs present in crude glycerol on biofilm formation were tested. Two kinds of crude glycerol were used; one is originated from waste vegetable oil, and the other from soybean oil. The extracts from both crude glycerols had almost same composition and all inhibited biofilm formation significantly. The dilution ratio of crude glycerol was determined based on the effective concentration of linoleic acid, one of the most abundant fatty acid. The inhibitory effect of crude glycerol on biofilm formation was different depending on its dilution ratio and tested microorganisms. We suggested crude glycerol from bio-diesel manufacturing process could use a controlling agent for biofilm formation.
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