Track and Move or Move and Track?: Bi-Directional Interplay between Tracking and Ride Simulator

Track and Move or Move and Track?: Bi-Directional Interplay between Tracking and Ride Simulator
game interface; motion simulator; sensor module; human motion tracking; pysical interactive game
Issue Date
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Science and Applications
, 1-6
This paper introduces a novel interface between game players and game contents for a physical interactive game. The physical interactive games are getting the spotlight in the international game market. To make the game more interesting, a variety of game interfaces connecting the game player with game contents have also recently attracted a lot of attentions with them. The most popular interfaces are 1) human gesture-based and 2) motion simulator-based. The human gesture-based game interface allows the players to interact and play with games using their bodies, instead of traditional hand-operated input devices. The motion simulator-based interface provides the player with the feeling of being immersed in the game contents, as one of output devices. The proposed interface combines these input and output concepts, and can provide the player with more realistic game environment by amplifying the synergy generated by combining two concepts. The most powerful synergy is feedback in which the current player's motion is fed back to the next movement of the player through the motion simulator. The proposed interface thus can provide an exciting experience for players on the basis of a new type of interface where they play with the physical interactive game.
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