Concept and Progress of KIST-USANS at HANARO Cold Neutron Guide CG4B

Concept and Progress of KIST-USANS at HANARO Cold Neutron Guide CG4B
KIST-USANS; Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering; Channel-Cut-Crystal; HANARO; Monte Carlo Simulation; supermirror m=2; neutron guide; cold neutron
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The 11th JAPAN-KOREA Meeting on Neutron Science, Jan. 20-21, 2011, Seoul, Korea
, 16-17
KIST has been developing the KIST-USANS at the HANARO Cold Neutron Guide Hall in collaboration with HANARO. Independent two funding sources, KOSEF and KIST, have supported the development of the instrumentation. The USANS is located at the CG4B guide consisting of a supermirror coating (m = 2). The CG4B guide consists of a curved section, which has the advantage of filtering out fast neutron and gamma radiation, followed by a straight section. The Monte Carlo Simulation (McStas Code) showed the non-uniform beam distribution at the guide exit and the uniform spatial distribution of intensity at the long straight section. The straight guides are separated by a gap of 250 mm to locate the premonochromator, found 52 m away from the cold neutron source, which will allow the neutron beam guide to be shared with other instruments. The USANS is developed considering, crystal design, shielding, temperature control, multiple scattering issue, vibration, and data collection time. This talk focuses on the introduction of the features and progress of KIST-USANS instrument on the CG4B cold guide.
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