A study on the optimal design of 600V GaN power MOSFET using Al2O3 gate oxide

A study on the optimal design of 600V GaN power MOSFET using Al2O3 gate oxide
Optimal design; power MOS; GaN; 600V; Al2O3 gate oxide
Issue Date
Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research Conf.2011
, 18pp-51-18pp-51
As a key component of power conversion and control devices in the power electronic industry of high voltage and large capacity, the power semiconductor devices such as IGBT, power MOSFET, MCT(MOS Controlled Thyristor), and SIT(Static Induction Thyristor) have been rapidly grown with various applications from industry to home, and recently, electric vehicles [1]. Meanwhile, to resolve the limitations of Si power devices related with the large capacity, size and durability, the demand for compound power semiconductors such as GaN and SiC is increased. The compound power semiconductor is a wide gap semiconductor that is acknowledged as a next generation power semiconductor due to its far more excellent thermal properties and on resistance properties than the existing Si. However, there is a difficult problem in fabrication as a power semiconductor element due to the difficulty in the formation of junction. This paper proposed a structure of GaN trench power MOSFET in order to realize a normally off FET based on a GaN base, and designed a switch element of 600V class used in a system connection type of inverter by deriving an optimal parameter. Especially, this paper designed it by using Al2O3 as a gate dielectric layer for the proposed element, and carried out a simulation while changing parameters by structures in order to derive an optimal parameter. As a result of execution, about 700V of breakdown voltage and 0.38mΩcm2 of on resistance property could be obtained as shown in Fig. 1.
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