Balance Control of Ball-on-Plate System Using Redundant Manipulator

Balance Control of Ball-on-Plate System Using Redundant Manipulator
Balancing Control; Ball-on-Plate system; Redundant Manipulator
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The 15th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology (ICMT 2011)
This paper proposes a balancing control method for the ball-on-plate system using a redundant manipulator. In general, the control problem of the ball-on-plate system can be largely categorized as finding the position and velocity of the ball, generating desired trajectory and controlling the manipulator. In our system, the force/torque sensor was used for computing the position of the ball. However, computed position of the ball involves significant noise from the F/T sensor itself and differentiation to compute the ball position. We used a state observer to solve these problems with the linear quadratic regulator that appropriates for the MIMO system. In this paper, a redundant manipulator is used to control the ball-on-plate system. The control scheme of the redundant manipulator is the based on the VSD(virtual spring-damper hypothesis). The proposed method enables the redundant manipulator to balance the ball-on-plate system even though the external forces are applied in both the the manipulator and the ball. Experiments to validate the proposed method are performed with a 7 degree-of- freedom redundant manipulator.
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