Automated System for Motivational Behavior Tests in Mice using Wireless IntraCranial Self-Stimulation (WICSS)

Automated System for Motivational Behavior Tests in Mice using Wireless IntraCranial Self-Stimulation (WICSS)
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Society for neuroscience
In this study, we have developed an automated behavioral test system with wireless intracranial self-stimulation (wICSS). Intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS) is a system in which rodents can administer their own rewarding stimulation. The electrical stimulation to the medial forebrain bundle (MFB), a pleasure center in rodents, activates the brain reward pathway and can be used as a motivation tool such as food, drug and so on. However, the typical ICSS has several drawbacks for mouse behavior study. Since it is wired setup, there are difficulties to run more than one mouse at the same time and there are also behavioral restrictions. Here, we introduce newly developed wICSS for mouse behavior. This system contains headset, arena box, and terminal program. The headset is connected to the implanted stimulation electrode. In the headset, an infrared (IR) phototransistor detects the IR signal emitted from the ceiling over the stimulation area in the arena box. This IR detection drives constant voltage/current circuits, and the pulsed voltage/current signal is delivered to the MFB through the stimulation electrode which is commercial bipolar electrode. LED is included in this headset to track the mouse location. In real time, the mouse movement can be detected by a video camera in the arena box, and the stimulation can be controlled by a terminal program that is developed by MATLAB. As a result, the behavioral test can be progressed automatically without any behavioral constraints, and the summarized experimental results are stored as a file. Thus, this system can be applied to run various mouse behavioral tests especially on the reward and motivation.
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