Study on the Availability of Vector Tracking Loop in Outdoor Field for GPS and Pseudolite System

Study on the Availability of Vector Tracking Loop in Outdoor Field for GPS and Pseudolite System
Vector Tracking loop; Pseudolite; GPS; VDFLL; Software defined radio
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International Global Navigation Satellite Systems Society IGNSS Symposium 2011
This paper presents the implementation and outdoor field test results of vector-based signal tracking algorithm designed for GPS and pseudolite navigation system. To test the field experiment of GPS and pseudolite system, one of the most severe problems is the near-far problem. If the vector-based tracking loop, known as vector delay/frequency lock loop algorithm, is applied to GPS and pseudolite system, the near-far problem could be reduced because the tracking performances for low and instantaneous low C/N0 signal are enhanced. To study on the tracking performance of vector tracking loop implementation for GPS and pseudolite system, we have accomplished two tests using software GPS receiver. One is the analysis of the improvement of tracking and navigation performance of static user position. Another test is that dynamic test. In this test, a user moves away to the far zone from working area, the receiver cannot keep tracking pseudolite signal in the conventional independent tracking loop. In vector tracking loop, however, the receiver successfully estimates the signal and succeeds to track the weak pseudolite signal. The coverage of the GPS and pseudolite system with the vector tracking implementation became wide, compared with the conventional independent tracking loop. From the test results, the availability of the use of GPS and pseudolite system are assessed
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