Long-term Simulations of the Sulfur Concentrations over the China, Japan and Korea: A Model Comparison Study

Long-term Simulations of the Sulfur Concentrations over the China, Japan and Korea: A Model Comparison Study
Cheol-Hee KimLim-Seok ChangJeong-Soo KimFan MengMizuo KajinoHiromasa UedaYuanhang ZhangHye-Young SonYoujiang HeJun XuKeiichi SatoChang-Keun SongSoo-Jin BanTatsuya SakuraiZhiwei HanLei DuanSuk-Jo Lee심상규Young SunwooTae-Young Lee
Model intercomparison; Long-range Transboundary Air Pollutants; sulfur concentration simulation; Northeast Asia
Issue Date
Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences
VOL 47, NO 4, 399-411
Three comprehensive acid deposition models were used to simulate the sulfur concentrations over northeast Asia over the period covering entire year of 2002, and discussed the aggregated uncertainties and discrepancies of the three models. The participating models are from the countries participating in the project of Longrange Transboundary Air Pollutants in Northeast Asia (LTP): China, Japan and Korea. The Eulerian Model-3/CMAQ (by China), Regional Air Quality Model (RAQM, by Japan), and Comprehensive Acid Deposition Model (CADM, by Korea) were employed by each country with common emissions data established by the administrative agencies of China, Japan and Korea. The episodic simulation results between 1 to 15, March 2002 are also presented, during which aircraft measurements were carried out over the Yellow sea. The episodic results show both a wide short-term variability in simulations against measurements, and maximum concentration differences of 3~5 times among the three models, requiring that further attention before confidence among the three models can be claimed for short-term simulations. However, the year-long cumulative simulations showed almost the same general features, with lower aggregated uncertainties between the three models, produced by the long term integration over northeast Asia.
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