Thermochemically Converted Graphene/Polyimide (PI) Nanocomposites

Thermochemically Converted Graphene/Polyimide (PI) Nanocomposites
Graphene; polyimide; Thermal chemically treatment; composite; electrical conductivity
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Materials research society (MRS)
The use of graphene as a nano-filler in polymer matrices has recently attracted considerable interests. However, pristine graphene sheets are not compatible with the organic polymer matrices. Therefore, the surface functionalization of graphene oxide (GO) is essential for the production of homogeneously dispersed polymer/graphene composite. The presence of functional groups on GO makes graphite oxide hydrophilic and readily swells in water. However, GO is electrically insulating, which limits its applications for electrically conducting composites. Both the dispersibility and electrical conductivity is an extremely important factor for developing electrically conductive polymer composites. Hence, we report a novel method of in-situ synthesis of thermochemically converted graphene for highly conductive polymer composites. The surface functionalization of GO was carried out with diazonium reagents such as 4-Iodoaniline (I-Ph-GO). Introduced iodo group acts as a catalyst for enhancing graphitization and leads to perfect honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms during the thermal treatment process at low temperature (below 300℃). Moreover, the functionalized CNTs with iodo group were well dispersed in polyimide matrix and lead to a perfect honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms during the thermal treatment process The functionalized GO added polyimide (PI) composite was prepared during imidization of PAA/ functionalized GO (I-Ph-GO). Consequentially, the reduced I-Ph-GO/PI (5.1x10-3 S/cm)composite showed more than 10 times higher electrical conductivity compared to reduced GO/PI (3.8x10-4 S/cm) composite. Furthermore, the R-I-Ph-GO/PI composite led to a ten orders of magnitude higher electrical conductivity compared to pure PI (< 10-13 S/cm).
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