Enhanced photocatalytic properties of CVC-made TiO2 by loading with transition metals (V and Mn)

Enhanced photocatalytic properties of CVC-made TiO2 by loading with transition metals (V and Mn)
Chemical vapor condensation; Transition metal; Photocatalyst
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The Second Nano Today Conference, 2011
TiO2 nanoparticles, which were synthesized using a CVC method, were loaded with a transition metal (vanadium and manganese) using the impregnation method followed by a thermal treatment. The vanadium and manganese loading was maintained at 5.0 wt.%. The primary particle size of the CVC-made TiO2 particle was 10.2 nm. After vanadium and manganese impregnation on CVC-made TiO2 particle, each particle size was decreased drastically to 5.7 and 4.7 nm, respectively. But, the particle size before and after vanadium and manganese loading of commercial TiO2 (Degussa, P25) was similar. Also, in XPS analysis, the content of hydroxyl groups on the surface of the CVC-TiO2 samples increased after vanadium and manganese impregnation. The UV–vis spectra of P25-TiO2 and CVC-TiO2 exhibits the typical absorption behavior of a wide band gap oxide semiconductor with an intense absorption band a steep edge at approximately 420 and 450 nm, respectively. According to diffuse reflectance UVvis spectra, the optical response of TiO2 was shifted slightly from the UV to the visible region due to vanadium and manganese doping. This suggests that the TiO2 samples after vanadium and manganese doping might be active under visible light irradiation. For the Mn2O3/CVC-TiO2, an absorption edge red shift was observed with an absorption tail extending to 570 nm. The band gap of TiO2 can be tailored by doping with some metal or nonmetal elements. In the present study, the vanadium-loaded CVC-made TiO2 sample exhibited the best absorption performance to visible-light from the absorption spectra. Moreover, the CVC method through transition metal impregnation was favorable for the enhanced photocatalytic properties.
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