A Review of Public Domain Water Quality Models for Simulating Dissolved Oxygen in Rivers and Streams

A Review of Public Domain Water Quality Models for Simulating Dissolved Oxygen in Rivers and Streams
Prakash R.KannelSushil R.Kanel이석헌Young-Soo LeeThian Y.Gan
water quality models; dissolved oxygen; SIMCAT; TOMCAT; QUAL2Kw; QUAL2EU; WASP7; QUASAR
Issue Date
Environmental modeling & assessment
VOL 16, NO 2, 183-204
The review discusses six major public domain water quality models currently available for rivers and streams. These major models, which differ greatly in terms of processes they represent, data inputs requirements, assumptions, modeling capability, their strengths and weaknesses, could yield useful results if appropriately selected for the desired purposes. The public domain models, which are most suitable for simulating dissolved oxygen along rivers and streams, chosen in this review are simulation catchment (SIMCAT), temporal overall model for catchments (TOMCAT), QUAL2Kw, QUAL2EU, water quality analysis simulation program (WASP7), and quality simulation along rivers (QUASAR). Each of these models is described based on a consistent set of criteria-conceptualization, processes, input data, model capability, limitations, model strengths, and its application. The results revealed that SIMCAT and TOMCAT are over-simplistic but useful to quickly assess impact of point sources. The QUAL2Kw has provision for conversion of algal death to carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD) and thus more appropriate than QUAL2EU, where macrophytes play an important interaction. The extensive requirement of data inWASP7 and QUASAR is difficult to justify the time and costs required to set up these complex models. Thus, a singlemodel could not serve all wide range of functionalities required. The choice of a model depends upon availability of time, financial cost and a specific application. This review may help to choose appropriate model for a particular water quality problem.
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