An Intelligent Real-time Odor Monitoring System Using a Pattern Extraction Algorithm

An Intelligent Real-time Odor Monitoring System Using a Pattern Extraction Algorithm
environmental sensor monitoring; air pollution; ANN; GA; pattern recognition
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International Conferecne on Cloud and Green Computing(CGC2011)
, 473-479
We have investigated the effect of the surface modification on the dispersion of nano diamond seeds on the SiO2-coated Si substrate, to enable the ultrathin UNCD coating on the substrate, by DCPACVD using hydrogen-rich chemistry. The ultrasonically dispersed seed density on the SiO2-coated Si wafer was so lower than that on the pristine Si wafer that the void-free ultrathin UNCD coating was impossible. For surface modification, we have exposed the substrate to 1) the hydrogen/hydrocarbon plasma in DC-PACVD chamber; or 2) the hydrocarbon atmosphere in HF-CVD chamber, prior to the ultrasonic seeding. The exposure to hydrocarbon or to its plasma greatly reduced the seed density, while exposure to hydrogen plasma drastically enhanced it by a factor of 6, which enabled a void-free ultrathin UNCD coating as thin as 30 nm. The UNCD film and the substrate surface before and after the surface treatment was characterized by the XPS, NEXAFS, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, HR-SEM, HR- TEM, EDX and the Zeta potential analyzer. The effects of the pretreatments on the seed density was explained by Si-OH or Si-CH3 termination, and by the consequent change on 1) the zeta potentials of the substrate and 2) that of the nano diamond particles in the seeding suspension.
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