Effects of operation parameters on pollutants removal in a lab-scale multi-layered soil filtration system

Effects of operation parameters on pollutants removal in a lab-scale multi-layered soil filtration system
multi-layered soil filtration; polishing river; pollutant removal; filter depth; filtration velocity
Issue Date
대한환경공학회지; Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers
VOL 34, NO 2, 91-96
In this study we investigated the effects of operational parameters of a multi-layered soil filtration (filter depth, filtration velocity, and continuous/intermittent operation) on removal of pollutants in river water. As filter depth increases, all the pollutants (COD, TP, TN, and NH4-N) was increased. Because the increase of filter depth induced increasing in contact time between media and pollutants. The removal of TP and NH4-N more increased with the increase in filter depth, comparing to the biological COD removal which was performed only in the top layer, because the removal mechanism of TP and NH4-N was physicochemical process occurring throughout the whole layers. However, the reduction in filtration velocity resulted in decrease of all pollutants removal due to shorter retention time. Biological COD removal was more influenced with the reduction in filtration velocity (longer retention time), than the removal of TP and NH4-N. Because biological process was occurred only in the top layer which has relatively shorter retention time, comparing with physicochemical process occurred throughout whole media. Therefore, it is desirable that the operation parameters be controlled toward increasing retention time, in order to achieve efficient pollutants removal. The change in operation mode (continuos vs. intermittent operations) did not provide significant effects on the pollutant treatment efficiency by the multilayered soil filtration system. Our findings suggest that for stable long-term operation it should be considered keeping conditions for biological activity and accelerating clogging.
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