Characteristic of CHO-K1 cells proliferation upon microfluidic media flows

Characteristic of CHO-K1 cells proliferation upon microfluidic media flows
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International symposium on microchemistry and microsystems 2012
Cell to cell interactions and iteration between cell and extracellular environments are the most common activities of live cells. It is well known that cell secrets various molecules such as growth factors, hormones, and cytokines, and that these water soluble molecules are used as various signals for cell survival, cell proliferation and differentiation [1,2]. It is also well known that the kinds and the secretion rates of soluble factors are also responsive to external environments such as chemical gradient in extracellular fluid, extracellular matrix, and physical stimulations [3,4]. Therefore, it is important to investigate biochemical and mechanical interaction with the extracellular environment and cell to cell contacts. Since microfluidic cell culture environments can provide stable and various culture conditions while controlling the concentrations of soluble factors [5-7], it is available to investigate cell proliferation, division, and differentiation by external stimulus such as flow rate. In this research, proliferation rates of CHO-K1 cells were investigated at seven different flow rates including stationary culture media condition using the microfluidic cell culture platform. In order to isolate physical agitation on cell division process, which might be caused from media flows, well structures were integrated into media flow channel so that serious shear stresses can be isolated or minimized. Well structures served both as cell culture dish and as shear stress isolated space. The proliferation rates of CHO-K1 cell showed clear differences depending on flow rates of media. It seems that continuous flow of media through microfluidic platform made the concentrations of soluble factors kept at a constant level by washing out soluble factors secreted from cells in wells.
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