Motion-Awareness 3D PDR Sytem in GPS-Denied Environment using Smartphone

Motion-Awareness 3D PDR Sytem in GPS-Denied Environment using Smartphone
신범주이정호김재헌김철기이석변영태Doohee Yun이택진
indoor navigation; motion recognition; pedestrian dead reckoning; smartphone
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Institute Of Navigation
In this paper, we present the motion-awareness 3D PDR system for indoor navigation using smartphone. In existing MEMS based PDR system, because MEMS is mounted on shoes or helmet, the sensor axes are fixed regardless of user motion. But in case of using smartphone, the axes of sensor are changed according to the user walking motion. To overcome this condition, we detect the walking motion using pattern recognition algorithm with sensor measurements from smarthphone and apply different PDR algorithms according to the walking motion. The height information of pedestrian is also estimated using the barometric pressure sensor in the smartphone. The 3D position which is consisted of 2D PDR position and height information is provided to the pedestrian. Our system has several advantages in cost and availability. No peripheral devices are needed for localization except smartphone because it contains the sensors used for the localization such as accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer and gyroscope and Wi-Fi card. We developed the android based application and experimental results show the accurate positioning and tracking performance.
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