Controlled synthesis of Cyclopentyl-substituted Oligosiloxanes

Controlled synthesis of Cyclopentyl-substituted Oligosiloxanes
박은경한준수Kyung Kang유복렬
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대한화학회 추계 학술대회
Cyclopentylsilanetriol, which is relatively silanetriol, was prepared in 78% yield by the hydrolysis of cyclopentyltrichlorosilane in a dilute aqueous acetone solution and applied for the synthesis of the well-defined structured silsesquioxanes such as monomer, dimer, a trimer, etc. When a solution of cyclopentyltrichlorosilane in acetone was added to a large excess of water, immediate exothermic reaction occurred, HCl was produced, and a clear, homogeneous solution resulted. Since all of the condensation products are water insoluble, it was evident that only monomer could be present initially, i.e, that the hydrolysis of cyclopentyltrichlorosilane to cyclopentylsilanetriol occurs more rapidly than the polycondensation of the latter to polysiloxanes. Also, the condensation of cyclopentyltrichlorosilane using trimethylchlorosilane as an end-capping agent afforded stable oligosiloxanes which combined with end-capping agent. When cyclopentyltrichlorosilane was treated with a vinyl-substituted silane as an end-capping agent, oligosiloxanes were obtained that can be combined with other siloxane compounds. These types of resins can be used to encapsulate light-emitting diodes (LEDs). With the increasing demands for high performance in these applications, a high refractive index and high thermal stability are especially important for the optical efficiency and lifetime of the devices. In this experiment, in order to compare the refractive index with resin using cyclopentyltrichlorosilane, resin using phenyltrichlorosilane which large values of refractive index have been known synthesis. Structures of all these novel silanols and oligosiloxanes were determined by NMR, IR, and GC-MS.
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