Euler Buckling Behavior and Electrical Contact Resistance of Higly Flexible Single Crystalline Au Nanowire

Euler Buckling Behavior and Electrical Contact Resistance of Higly Flexible Single Crystalline Au Nanowire
Euler buckling; electrical contact; resistance; Single crystalline Au nanowire
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Direct contact probing methods such as AFM and SPM confront critical limitations of reliable characterization of nanoscale systems because of technical challenges attributed to increasing complexity of structures and decreasing feature size in nano-devices. Therefore, they have been the subject of intense theoretical and experimental researches to overcome the limitations of conventional AFM and SPM probes. For instance, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have recently been considered as a potentially ideal SPM probe due to their high aspect ratio, small tip radius, chemical inertness, mechanical robustness and high flexibility. However, difficulties in fabrication, large contact resistance, and fragility during usage limit wider applications of CNT probes. While silicon or ceramic materials with high strength and stiffness can be used for the fabrication of conductive probe using machining/etching/coating method, they have poor durability due to collapse the coating layer and are easily fractured under measuring condition of electrical property. To overcome these limitations, it is essential to introduce of reliable new materials with high aspect ratio, metallic conductivity, chemical inertness, mechanical robustness, and high flexibility, etc. In this study, we fabricated AFM and SPM probe using single crystalline gold nanowire with ultrahigh flexibility by facilitating bucking behavior of nanowires. Buckling has been considered as catastrophic and sudden mechanical failure due to elastic instability which causes mechanical reliability issues. However, we take advantage of the mechanical instability beneficiary to contact probing at nanoscale. Our quantitative compressive testing manifested classical Euler buckling behavior for single crystalline gold nanowires and furthermore evaluated change of contact resistance of nanowires during its elastic deformation.
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