Formation of low density GaAs droplet quantum dots by internal thermal heating

Formation of low density GaAs droplet quantum dots by internal thermal heating
GaAs; quantum dot
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International Symposium on Functional Materials (IFFM)
Low density III-V semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are one of promising candidates in the quantum information application, such as a single photon source [1]. However, retrieving the position in the low density QDs is a demanding and time-consuming work, due to the low density of less than ~ 3 QDs/µm2. Low density QDs covered by a thin capping layer can be easily retrieved. The simple method using a thin capping layer for retrieving the position of the low density QDs would be also useful in the plasmonic application [2]. An internal thermal heating (ITH) has a merit of annealing under ultra high vacuum (less than 1 x 10-9 Torr), thereby improving the optical quality of QDs. Furthermore, the size and density of QDs can be controlled by the ITH as one of growth parameters. The control of the height of QDs would help a formation of the thin capping layer. In this study, the formation of low density droplet epitaxial GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As QDs including an ITH process will be presented. The growth of the droplet epitaxial GaAs QDs with the ITH process (ITH GaAs DE QDs) was conducted in molecular beam epitaxy system. The height, width, and density of the ITH GaAs DE QDs were investigated by an atomic force microscope. The height of GaAs QDs could be controlled by the ITH process with no significant change of the density and the width. The ITH GaAs DE QDs with an 11 nm- capping layer have shown the emission at ~ 752 nm.
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