Formation of GaAs droplet quantum rings by droplet epitaxy

Formation of GaAs droplet quantum rings by droplet epitaxy
GaAs; quantum ring; droplet epitaxy
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ISPSA 2013
III-V semiconductor quantum rings (QRs) have been a potential quantum structure in an optoelectronic device application and a fundamental physics [1-2]. The shape of QRs is a crucial factor to determine the optical properties, with the size, composition, strain and so on. A droplet epitaxial method would make it possible to control the shape of QRs due to a separation of a group 3 and 5 [3]. In this study, a growth of GaAs QRs on an Al0.3Ga0.7As/GaAs substrate will be shown. The growth parameters, such as a beam equivalent flux (BEF) of As4, a substrate temperature, a growth interruption time, and the size of Ga droplets, were varied. The As crystallization step is a critical factor in the growth of QRs. Dome-shaped islands evolved into rings with a decrease of BEF of As4. An increase of the interruption time at the sequential injection of the As beams increased the diameter of GaAs QRs. An increase of the substrate temperature during As injection has changed the shape of GaAs QRs. The size of Ga droplets can affect the shape of GaAs islands after crystallization. The internal thermal heating process was performed to improve the optical quality of GaAs QRs. The GaAs QRs with a distributed Bragg reflector showed the intense emission at ~ 740 nm at 77 K.
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