On Classification of Multi-axis Features Based on Manufacturing Process

On Classification of Multi-axis Features Based on Manufacturing Process
Machining Feature; Machining Process; Process Planning
Issue Date
International Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Applications (ISGMA 2013)
, 1-9
Manufacturing features are used to represent some important manufacturing attributes of a part. Machining features can be regarded as the shape of the removal volume through a cutting process. They play a crucial role in process planning since a machining feature usually implies the machining method of the feature. Therefore, definition of machining features needs to be made in such a meaningful way that a clear correlation between machining features and machining methods can be incorporated in the feature classification. However, most researches dealing with this topic do not clearly show the relationship between machining features and machining processes. On the other hand, no consensus on the feature classification method can be found yet, which adds confusion when using the features. As a result, use of the features used to be considered not very helpful in manufacturing preparation such as machining process selection. In this paper, classification methods of multi-axis machining features known in relevant literatures are studied firstly. Secondly, machining characteristics of various features is investigated to find out the relationship between machining features and machining methods. Thirdly, based on the machining methods of features, a logical classification scheme of multi-axis machining features is proposed. And finally, the feature taxonomy proposed is verified through applying to an example part with multi-axis machining features.
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