Highly-Efficient Photonic Process for Printed Organic Electronics

Highly-Efficient Photonic Process for Printed Organic Electronics
printed electronics; organic solar cell; printed organic electronics; polymer solar cell; photonic process
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International Conference on Flexible and Printed electronics 2013
Printing technologies has received special attention as a direct patterning technique for the cost-effective fabrication of electronic devices such as photovoltaic device, field-effect transistor, RFID, light-emitting diodes. Extensive effort has been devoted to improve their performance in last decade. However, to realize cost-effective manufacture of printed electronics, the device fabrication process should be available in large quantities to ensure roll-to-roll production capabilities. Here, we will propose an extremely rapid, and roll-to-roll compatible photonic process for printed electronic devices. In contrast to the conventional thermal annealing process which is time-consuming and incompatible to high-speed roll-to-roll production, the proposed photonic process that uses flash pulsed light can effectively improve the device performances within only a few second without causing damage to the underlying substrate.[1,2] We successfully demonstrated describe the application of IPWL irradiation as an photonic annealing method to enhance the efficiency of polymer solar cells. Only 2 seconds irradiation of flash pulse light on polymer:fullerene photoactive layer in ambient condition significantly enhanced power conversion efficiencies of the polymer solar cells, which almost reached to that of the devices treated by typical thermal annealing. (Fig. 1) The film characterization confirmed that the crystallinity and light absorption properties of the photoactive layer can be effectively controllable by pulse management.
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