Studies on parental behaviors using phospholipase Cβ1-KO mice

Studies on parental behaviors using phospholipase Cβ1-KO mice
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Hormones, neuropeptides, and neurotransmitters involved in parental behavior act via G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCR), many of which in turn activate plasma membrane enzymes including phospholipase C (PLC) β isoforms.In the present study, we found that PLCβ1-knockout (KO) dams display abnormal pattern of maternal behavior. During -24 hr ~ +12 hr (24 hr before ~ 12 hr after parturition), KO dams performed normal maternal behaviors such as, nesting, licking, grooming, hovering and pup retrieving. From ~+18 hr, however, KO dams no longer took care of their pups, and eventually all pups died in a few days. KO dams display normal behavior at the preparation & onset phases, but fail to proceed to maintenance phase. The presentobservation suggests that PLCβ1 may play a key role in the transition from the onset to the maintenance phase of maternal behavior (12~18hr post partum), and therefore PLCβ1-KO mice can be a good rodent model for studying biological basis of the maintenance of maternal behavior. We have observed that wild-type (WT) B6/129 sires become significantly more paternally attentive when they are paired with PLCβ1-KO dams, which neglect pups from ~+18hr post partum (pp), and that the company of this paternally more attentive sire fundamentally affects actual pup survival rate. This result suggests that the paternal attentiveness may be modulated dynamicallyby environmental factors (here, genotype, therefore maternal behavioral phenotype of the dam, and/or the resultant condition of pups).Therefore, this mating system model may provide opportunities to study the adaptive significance and the neural mechanism of modulation of paternal attentiveness inlaboratory mice.As a preliminary attempt to find the neural mechanisms of phasal changes in the maternal behavior and paternal attentiveness, we compared neuronal activationpatterns in the brains of KO & WTdams, WT sires mated with PLCβ1-KO & those mated
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