Web Based Collaborative Social Album Authoring System Using Facebook Photos

Web Based Collaborative Social Album Authoring System Using Facebook Photos
이창현파토니 아리에프권용무
협업저작; 웹기반 협업; 소셜 네트워크서비스; 콘텐츠 추천; Social Album; Facebook Photo; Web-based Collaboration; DUI (Distributed User Interface); CAM (Collaborative Authoring Metadata); Social Media Recommendation
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CollaborateCom 2013
This paper describes collaborative social authoring technique using SNS (Social Network Service) contents, especially SNS event photos uploaded to Facebook by the author and collaborating authors. The main motivation of our research is to support the collaboration among event participants for co-authoring of event contents systematically while gathering participant’s social data and utilizing the expertise of each participant. The traditional UCC (User Created Content) relies on UCC author oneself and one’s data only. The resources of UCC are collected from author’s personal data and also from a search result from several web sites. In case of collaborative authoring of a YouTube video, authors exchange intermediate contents through e-mail or shared storage space like cloud storage. The main features of our research include (i) web-based collaboration service, (ii) recommendation of contents from SNS (social network services) sites based on user’s interest degree, and (iii) DUI (distributed user interface) for social authoring, especially, supporting both desktop environment and also mobile participation using component-based web-app. As an application, experiment on social album creation from Facebook photos is introduced and shows the effectiveness of our system.
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