A beam-splitter-type 3-D endoscope for front view and front-diagonal view images

A beam-splitter-type 3-D endoscope for front view and front-diagonal view images
Kamiuchi HMasamune KKuwana KDohi T김계리Yamashita HChiba T
3-D endoscope; Field-of-view; Beam splitter; Polarization plate; Minimally invasive surgery
Issue Date
International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery
VOL 8, NO 1, 111-120
Purpose : In endoscopic surgery, surgeons must manipulate an endoscope inside the body cavity to observe a large field-of-view while estimating the distance between surgical instruments and the affected area by reference to the size or motion of the surgical instruments in 2-D endoscopic images on a monitor. Therefore, there is a risk of the endoscope or surgical instruments physically damaging body tissues. To overcome this problem, we developed a Ø7-mm 3-D endoscope that can switch between providing front and front-diagonal view 3-D images by simply rotating its sleeves. Methods : This 3-D endoscope consists of a conventional 3-D endoscope and an outer and inner sleeve with a beam splitter and polarization plates. The beam splitter was used for visualizing both the front and front-diagonal view and was set at 25◦ to the outer sleeve’s distal end in order to eliminate a blind spot common to both views. Polarization plates were used to avoid overlap of the two views.We measured signalto- noise ratio (SNR), sharpness, chromatic aberration (CA), and viewing angle of this 3-D endoscope and evaluated its feasibility in vivo. Results : Compared to the conventional 3-D endoscope, SNR and sharpness of this 3-D endoscope decreased by 20 and 7%, respectively. No significant difference was found in CA. The viewing angle for both the front and front-diagonal viewswas about 50◦. In the in vivo experiment, this 3-D endoscope can provide clear 3-D images of both views by simply rotating its inner sleeve.
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