AlCl3-Assisted Synthesis of Ni-Al alloy at Reduced Temperatures: Application to MCFC

AlCl3-Assisted Synthesis of Ni-Al alloy at Reduced Temperatures: Application to MCFC
AlCl3; NiAl; MCFC
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2013 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Ni-Al alloys are the current state of the art to fabricate the anode component for high temperature fuel cell MCFC since the alloy posses several improved characteristics compared with a pure Ni anode. Characteristics such as high creep resistance and redox stability. However, its high production cost (Note that the high temperature and extremely low oxygen partial pressure are required for the conventional synthesis of Ni-Al alloy) has retarded the early commercialization of Ni-Al alloys. Because of this, it is imperative to obtain a low cost fabrication method for the alloy for a future successful commercialization. In this work we present a cost-effective synthesis process of Ni-Al alloy powder based on the USA/KOREA patents commercialized by fuel cell research center, KIST. A key step for the alloy synthesis is the introduction of AlCl3 into the initial physical mixture of Ni and Al powder. Here AlCl3 is considered to be an activator that may significantly reduce the reaction temperature for the Ni-Al alloy synthesis. As a further analysis we fabricate the MCFC anode through tape casting process, measure the alloy creep strain and MCFC single cell electrochemical performance.
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