Studies on the Production of Higher Alcohols over Nanoparticles Supported Catalysts

Studies on the Production of Higher Alcohols over Nanoparticles Supported Catalysts
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2013 ICNST
Cu based catalysts are active for the higher alcohol synthesis from syngas. Selective synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas under moderate experimental conditions using cheep catalyst is a challenging task. Many researchers studied the development of catalyst for the process and difficulties in the process are low selectivity for higher alcohols and catalyst stability. Cu along with Fischer Tropsch active metal are good catalysts. However, Cu-Co catalyst shows good activity but it has poor stability for long run. Cu-Fe cataysts show low selectivity for higher alcohols. Stability of the catayst can be improved by supporting active species on suitable support. In order to improve the cataytic performance nano catalysts supported on different supports were prepared. The catalytic activity for the conversion of syngas to higher alcohols under fixed bed down flow reactor was investigated. The prepared catalysts were well characterized by XRD,SEM,TEM,TPD,TPR and BET techniques. To get insight into the nature of Cu promoter and the reduction patterns all the catalysts were subjected into TPR and it was found that CuFe2O4 shows first reduction peak. No reduction peak was observed at higher temperature suggesting the existence of synergism between Cu-Fe and well dispersion on the support in all the cases. The prepared catalysts showed moderate CO conversion and good selectivity for higher alcohol synthests.
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