Gate controlled spin-orbit coupling in the InAs quantum well structure

Gate controlled spin-orbit coupling in the InAs quantum well structure
gate control; spin-orbit coupling; InAs
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Since Si based complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology was limited by devices scale, therefore new concept of semiconductor device has been growing. Thus spin polarized field effect transistor [1] has been attracted as an alternative idea of next generation semiconductor device. However, it is hard to realize because spin precession control by gate voltage are main obstacles. One of solution for this problem is utilization of the semiconductor channel which has the large spin-orbit coupling and high electron mobility. [2] In this presentation, we studied Rashba spin-orbit interaction parameter, (α) in double-sided doped InAs quantum well structures of different potential asymmetries created by introducing two separated carrier supply layers. The internal potential asymmetry is manipulated between negative and positive potential gradient by adjusting the relative doping concentrations of the two carrier supply layers. The larger potential asymmetry results the more extensive variation α with respect to the gate electric field. The structures of the negative and positive potential gradients exhibit the opposite variation of α with respect to gate electric field which evidently supports the fact that the sign of α can be changed by the reversed potential asymmetry. Furthermore, by inserting the narrow band-gap InAs QW layer, gate controllability increases three times larger than the In0.53Ga0.47As QW. Moreover, InAs-inserted QW structure shows the higher electron mobility with the low channel resistance. We conclude that, from our experimental results, the InAs-inserted QW structure has much stronger spin-orbit coupling and better contact resistance more suitable for the spin-FET applications.
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