3D AR contents authoring tool based on In-situ and Remote environments

3D AR contents authoring tool based on In-situ and Remote environments
Augmented reality; Panoramic annotations; AR contents; Mobile authoring; Desktop authoring
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한국HCI학회 학술대회
Because of the prevalence of the smartphone, user can use an augmented reality easily. Accordingly, augmented reality contents are much needed, but they are not enough. In addition, at a hard-to-reach area such as the roof of a tall building or war zone, the content can’t be authored in the field. In this paper, we propose a desktop authoring environment together with a mobile authoring environment. This enables users to easily author AR content, and as the mobile and desktop work together wherever it’s possible to check. In desktop authoring environment, the values of latitude and longitude are obtained through the map interface. And these values are calculated with the angle of the spherical center point via panorama interface. Then, 3D coordinates are generated. In mobile authoring environment, stored content can be checked through matching process using a latitude, longitude, and altitude. Users can select the object of the real world through a camera view of user, and check the content on desktop authoring environment by acquiring a latitude, longitude, and altitude in the mobile authoring environment. Our authoring tool allows users to author own contents in inaccessible locations and make 3D contents.
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