Non-Colloidal Nanocatalysts Fabricated with Nanolithography and Arc Plasma Deposition

Non-Colloidal Nanocatalysts Fabricated with Nanolithography and Arc Plasma Deposition
Issue Date
Current trends of surface science and catalysis
, 45-64
In this chapter, we have discussed the most recent advances in the preparation of catalyst nanoparticles on catalyst support using dry processes. These two-dimensional model catalyst arrays fabricated using nanolithography have been used to study the support dependence of CO oxidation reaction kinetics; they indicate that the most important factor affecting TOF is the interaction of the platinum and the support. The APD method was traditionally used for preparation of dense protective coating layers. However, with the advent of pulsed APD, new applications for preparing metallic nanoparticles in a direct and dry process are emerging. So far, applications are limited to the much studied gas-phase reactions—mostly the model CO oxidation reaction. However, we have also noticed that the scope of applications is widening, too (e.g., liquid-phase photocatalysts, electrode materials for fuel cells and secondary batteries, and sensor applications). The biggest advantage of APD is that it is relatively easy to generate a large amount of particles a few nanometer in size. It is also easy to control the size of the generated nanoparticles, on the nanometer scale, by controlling APD parameters, such as the number of arc plasma pulse shots, arc discharge voltage, and arc discharge condenser capacitance. As for substrates for deposition, the APD method provides a simple and easy method for direct and dry deposition of metallic nanoparticles on a variety of substrates, such as twodimensional thin films and three-dimensional powders. Therefore, the possibilities for new applications are enormous. We assume that more attention will be paid to this method with respect to generating dry nanoparticles for many new applications with the central focus remaining catalyst materials.
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